The Large Trucking Industry in Negros

The Negros Region has always been a center of the sugar industry. Almost half of the nation’s total production of sugar came from the region. That means tons of deliveries of natural resources, mainly sugarcane goes back and forth throughout the country from Negros. The region also have 19 cities — all of them are being developed and transportation of construction supplies have never been so essential.

These facts have led 888 Royal Construction to market the product immediately to the entrepreneurs in Negros.

Product Launching at Bacolod Business Inn

888 Royal Construction brought Inteluck’s Tracking Platform to Bacolod by holding an a product launching event that’s organized in Business Inn’s conference space.

We invited several truckers and business owners to attend and listen to our presentation about the product. Rex Carton, our speaker was able to expound on how everyone can use the product for their advantage — noting Inteluck’s dedication of creating a solution to trucking and logistic problems that entrepreneurs face on their daily operations.

The event ran for almost 2 hours with refreshments given to everyone. Give aways and pamphlets were also given to the attendees. The guests were interested in availing the service and they were all hopeful that it could solve the problems that they are facing right now.