Top-quality at a Reasonable Price

The Company

Top Quality at an Affordable Price


888 Royal Construction Supply and Services is a company that focuses on the business of trading construction materials and at the same time a contractor for different projects. In terms of materials, its distinction from other construction firms is offering different brands for its clients to choose from, giving them the option to select what’s feasible for them.

As a contractor, 888 Royal Construction do not compromise its standards of quality. Furthermore, we continue to find ways and develop new ideas in order to revolutionize the industry so we could deliver increasing value to them.

The inspiration of creating an organization that caters to the industry of construction services came from the passion of the very people who are behind the company’s successful inauguration. The company was initially just a small concept of determined individuals making transactions to bigger companies operating in the same business of construction services until the opportunity came to join the competitive commerce that shapes cities and towns. Slowly, the company takes its first steps on becoming a prominent player in the industry.
Our mission is to support contractors of both government and  private projects by supplying them quality but affordable  materials through flexible payments. We aim to help the local government by being an instrument in improving local infrastructures. 
Our vision is to become a leading construction company that is known for its first-class quality services and supplies. A company that is renowned for completing projects that last for lifetime.   

Core Values

A Reliable Partner

Keeping the company’s reputation is one of the main goals of its constituents. Sticking to high moral principles and keeping our professional standards are some of our ways of maintaining it. We ensure our clients that they are in good hands and confidential information are handled accordingly. 

Mediocrity is not a choice

excellence The company does not settle for substandard quality nor mediocre services. We aim and work on the principle that our clients deserve only the finest value a business can offer. Our staff make sure that every piece of our supplies and procedures of our services are well examined. 

Sustaining a Competitive Environment

We ensure our quality and client’s success through hiring only the best individuals on their certain field. We believe that a competitive atmosphere in the business keeps our progress checked by preventing us from being idle. 

Revolutionize the Construction Industry

We pursue innovation in order to constantly increase the standards of our quality. We are open to new procedures and technological advancements. We aim to contribute in the process of revolutionizing the construction industry. 

Sense of Shared Values

As a growing company, we value our employees as much as we value our clients. We do what we can in order to contribute to their success. As a company, we do not only provide supplies and services but create principles and share them to every individual we deal with. 

The Center of Our Purpose

Our clients are the center of our company’s significance and purpose. We strive to keep them satisfied by giving them the quality service they deserve. Furthermore, we believe that the approval of our clients is a sign that we are in the right track to progress. 


New Satellite Office

Iloilo City started to enter a period of constant progress and infrastructures have risen up throughout the city giving thousands of jobs and new places to work. In order to serve the boom of construction better, the company provided a satellite office in Iloilo City and employed individuals who are the best in their profession. This expansion is the result of constant progress and commitment to our mission of unequaled client satisfaction. We wish to bring innovative ideas that could revolutionize and improve the construction industry in Iloilo. 

Visit us at our Satellite Office in Iloilo!