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Type-1 Portland Cement

Strength of Quality

Cement has been one of the most common construction ingredient since its discovery because of its ability to hold structures. Breathtaking skyscrapers and mind-blowing infrastructures will never stand without cement. Type 1 Portland cement is one of the most common type of cement that’s being used for residential buildings and commercial structures. It is also widely used for roads, pavements, bridges, highways and airstrips.

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 Available Starting October 17, 2017
 Type 1 Portland Cement

Type-1 Portland Cement

Empress Cement

Appropriate for Road Construction

Empress cement has passed the physical and chemical tests of the country’s Department of Public Works and Highways. It’s very well suited for horizontal constructions such as roads, highways, bridges and runways

International Standards

Empress cement is a product that holds the seal of the International Organization for Standardization. Its quality, safety and efficiency is ensured through giving world-class specifications by experts around the world. 

Quality Worthy for Export

This product’s caliber is sufficient enough to be exported to different countries for it has proven its value through first-rate production procedures and assessment. 

From a Top Exporter of Cement

Empress cement is made in Vietnam, one of the leading producers of cement in the world. Using the aid of Japanese technology, they produce the best quality of cement around the world. 

Lower Price for Greater Quantities 

As a part of our aim of achieving a hundred percent client satisfaction and helping our fellow contractors for the development of local infrastructures. We offer Empress cement in the lowest price we can. 

Other Brands Available

We are loyal to our clients, not to our brands.

Emperor Cement 

A local Ilonggo brand  manufactured and imported from Vietnam. Emperor Cement is a product of great quality that has passed the requirement of Department of Public Works and Highways. This was also used in different government projects by the National Housing Authority and National Irrigation Administration. 

Xuan Thanh Cement

Xuan Thanh Cement

Xuan Thanh Group engages in the construction of coastal roads, realty, cement production, energy, and insurance services. The company is based in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. Their product has passed the DPWH requirements and has been used for road constructions since it was exported to the country. 

Holcim Cement

Holcim Cement 

Holcim Philippines, Inc. (Philippine Stock Exchange: HLCM) is one of the leading construction solution companies in the country. Holcim is known for selling cement with premium quality manufactured and packaged within the country. 

Republic Cement 

Republic Cement Group is a local cement manufacturer in the country that is associated with prominent cement producers such as Lafarge and Blue Circle. They offer Rapidset Type-1 Portland Cement and other blended cement with mixtures catering to specific needs of contractors.