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Solar Powered Street light

Sustainable and Affordable

Environment Friendly

Most of our electricity that is used to power public utilities are from coal, oil, and nuclear power plants that emits huge amount of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases to the environment.

Less Electricity Cost

Save more from electric consumption by using solar powered streetlights. They could lessen town/city expenditures while providing dependable lighting at night.


This product’s durability ensures it will carry out the job wherever you are in the equator. Its weatherproof built can protect the streetlight from rains or snow.

Brighter and Durable

The current available streetlight variant is the one with 40 watts of output power and mono high efficiency solar power 50 watts capable. It is enough to power a whole night time from sunset to sunrise. Its bulbs and material are manufactured with a promise of lasting for more than 50,000 hours.

Lower Price for Greater Quantities

As a part of our aim of achieving a hundred percent client satisfaction and helping our fellow contractors for the development of local infrastructures. We offer our products in the lowest price we can.

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