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Septic Tanks

Safe Disposal of Wastewater

A septic tank is the main part in the most common sewage treatment system in the country especially in residential areas where connection to the main sewage pipes are lacking. It is basically an underground watertight tank made of concrete, steel or plastic where the solid wastes sink to the bottom for decomposition and the liquid flows out and soaks through the ground.

While most problems with septic sewage treatment occur because of poor installment procedures, maintenance is also an issue. Conventional concrete tanks are easily corroded by the hydrogen sulfide gas given off by the decomposing sewage. This turns into sulfuric acid on the lids and walls of the tank and disintegrates the concrete.

That is why choosing the right specifications is as important as choosing the right quality. Here in 888 Royal Construction Supply and Services, we offer high quality septic tanks for domestic and commercial use. Our septic tanks are made of high quality Polyethylene rubber compound with a volume capacity of 1000 liters.


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