The Booming Agricultural Industry of Passi City

Passi City has been one of the prominent sugar centrals in Panay Island. While its location, being centrally situated, is not the only significant reason for being the district agri-industrial center of the province. It is also rich with other agriculture resources that boosted its economy such as rice, corn, vegetables, coconut and pineapple.

Where there are tons of produced crops, there will be a lot of logistic needs to transport them to markets in every corner of the nation. That is why 888 Royal Construction envisioned the potential contribution of Inteluck Tracking Platform to the trucking companies operating in Passi City.

Pintados de Pasi Festival

Just like the famous Dinagyang of Iloilo City, Passi celebrates their famous Pintados de Pasi festival. It’s a way of commemorating the time during Passi achieved cityhood in March of 1998. 888 Royal Construction saw the opportunity to promote Inteluck on the city.

The festival was organized in the city plaza with different theme parks and entertainment lined up during the duration of the festival. Street dancing and body painting were one of the competitions. Pageants, fireworks display, and famous bands were the main attractions.

888 Royal Construction set up a kiosk and a free photobooth so festival goers can have a memory of their 2018 Pintados de Pasi celebration.\

Watch the video below to see the highlights of our celebration of Pintados de Pasi Festival