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Inteluck Partners with 888 Royal Construction

Logistics and Construction

A big part of construction is moving materials and equipment from one place to another. Trucking and logistics are contractors’ partners if they want their projects on schedule and done before the due date. However, it is not only construction that faces problems in their everyday operations. Logistic companies are also dealing with their challenges from late deliveries to vehicle theft. This is where Inteluck Corporation comes in.

Inteluck Tracking System

While Inteluck itself have its line of trucking operations (Trucking.Ph) its main goal is to provide Third Party Logistics (3PL) Services to Enterprises across the South East Asia. Their main product is the Inteluck Tracking System that garnered a lot of trust, providing almost 400 companies in the Philippines; among them are big ones like Jollibee, DHL, 2Go Group Inc., Isuzu, BPI, National Bookstore and many more. They also operate and provide services to 6 countries in South East Asia.

Inteluck Tracking System is a product that took the advantage of the rapid technological advancements. It does not only feature the real time location of several vehicles all at once but also their behavior, speed, route history, fuel consumption and it can even connect the driver to a headquarters by a 2 way voice communication and a real time video stream — more like a CCTV camera on-the-go.

Inteluck Visayas in Partnership with 888 Royal Construction

Now that Inteluck Corporation is stationed successfully in Luzon with a monopoly of software as a solution services for the logistic sector and is gaining security when it comes to client’s retention, it has yet to venture to the market in the Visayas region.

Through the effort of both CEO of the company, 888 Royal Construction partners with Inteluck Corporation to bring the prominent products to the companies and vehicle owners in Western Visayas.

Watch this video produced by our advertising department on the features of the Inteluck Tracking Platform:

Boracay’s Rehabilitation Project

Boracay is arguably the BEST holiday island for tourists not only during summer but the whole year in the Philippines. It might be called the queen of all beaches due to its large contribution to the tourism industry of the country. While the island is a beauty by its own grandeur, long periods of excessive exploitation have made the island polluted according to the government after president Duterte have managed to visit the Island.

The president was outraged for all the environmental violations to which he called the island as a “cesspool”. He then made a decree closing boracay for the clean up. While experts have said that waste management and poor drainage system is a big problem, the government opted for an over all clean up of the beach, construction of better roads, and stricter environmental laws. 

888 Royal Construction

888 Royal Construction along with its partners were able to win the bid to rebuild damaged main roads nearest to the beach and hotels. Along with it comes installing a better sewer system and brick pathways that would create separate the pedestrians from vehicles. While the place is already on its limit and widening the road is already impossible, 888 Royal Construction find ways to make the construction happen. In a way, this project becomes our contribution to the efforts to rehabilitate the island. 

While Boracay Island was officially opened earlier than expected, 888 Royal Construction hastens to finish the project without sacrificing the quality of the output.  


Contributing to Boracay Rehabilitation


Additional Safety Officers for 888 Royal Construction

Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) Course

2 More Members of 888 Royal Construction have passed the construction occupational safety and health course conducted by the Corporate Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management Association for the Philippines or COSHEMAP, a duly accredited Safety Training Organization by the Department of Labor & Employment’s Occupational Safety & Health Center

Chino Ng and Lanz Mayordomo was able to complete the training and pass the exam in order for them to be certified safety officers. Both Chino and Lanz are looking forward to apply what they learned in the training during the company’s construction projects.

Our Congratulations go to both officers. Currently, 888 Royal Construction holds 3 certified safety officers in the company.

From Left: Lanz Mayordomo, Aika Mayordomo, Chino Ng — the three certified construction safety officers of 888 Royal Construction.

Interior Design Project for a Condominium

The Rise of Condominiums in Iloilo

For the past years, Iloilo has been a steady progress when it comes to infrastructure and commercial areas. With the arrival of property developers such as Ayala Lands Inc. and the country’s largest developer of integrated urban townships Megaworld Corporation, medium to high rise condominiums are now in their polished state and being turned over to their owners.

The first to be built is the One Madison Place, a three tower cluster, mid rise condominium with a neo-modern design of Megaworld. The building boasts 283 residential condo units and it is now ready for occupancy.

Interior Design Project

The Iloilo Business Park in the Megaworld Boulevard is a masterpiece when it comes to the exterior of the buildings. The infrastructures are designed to look like an amalgamation of the past and the modern taste of architecture. That is why the retired married couple Mr. and Mrs. Lao, who owns 2 units in One Madison Place wanted to give justice to the design of their new unit.

The couple selected 888 Royal Construction to handle the design of both their units, the 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom Unit. They wanted a place that’s something cozy but exhibits luxury at the same time.

Our team of architectures and designers were able to visit the newly polished units to get a better foresight of how we would proceed with the design.

888 Royal Construction with Mr. and Mrs. Lao

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Pintados de Pasi Festival Sponsorship

The Booming Agricultural Industry of Passi City

Passi City has been one of the prominent sugar centrals in Panay Island. While its location, being centrally situated, is not the only significant reason for being the district agri-industrial center of the province. It is also rich with other agriculture resources that boosted its economy such as rice, corn, vegetables, coconut and pineapple.

Where there are tons of produced crops, there will be a lot of logistic needs to transport them to markets in every corner of the nation. That is why 888 Royal Construction envisioned the potential contribution of Inteluck Tracking Platform to the trucking companies operating in Passi City.

Pintados de Pasi Festival

Just like the famous Dinagyang of Iloilo City, Passi celebrates their famous Pintados de Pasi festival. It’s a way of commemorating the time during Passi achieved cityhood in March of 1998. 888 Royal Construction saw the opportunity to promote Inteluck on the city.

The festival was organized in the city plaza with different theme parks and entertainment lined up during the duration of the festival. Street dancing and body painting were one of the competitions. Pageants, fireworks display, and famous bands were the main attractions.

888 Royal Construction set up a kiosk and a free photobooth so festival goers can have a memory of their 2018 Pintados de Pasi celebration.\

Watch the video below to see the highlights of our celebration of Pintados de Pasi Festival:


Westwood Residential Project

Our First Residential Project for 2018

888 Royal Construction starts off with its first residential project in Westwoods Subdivision located at Mandurriao, Iloilo.

Mr. and Mrs. Dela Cruz entrusted the company to design and build their dream house. Our CEO along with Mr. Renan Dela Cruz were able to pose for a quick and simple groundbreaking ceremony, marking the starting date of the construction.

Check our blog for updates on our Dela Cruz Westwoods residential project and see the finished product.

Do you have a dream house you want to build? Contact us and we’ll work something out.


Tracking Platform Bacolod Launching

The Large Trucking Industry in Negros

The Negros Region has always been a center of the sugar industry. Almost half of the nation’s total production of sugar came from the region. That means tons of deliveries of natural resources, mainly sugarcane goes back and forth throughout the country from Negros. The region also have 19 cities — all of them are being developed and transportation of construction supplies have never been so essential.

These facts have led 888 Royal Construction to market the product immediately to the entrepreneurs in Negros.

Product Launching at Bacolod Business Inn

888 Royal Construction brought Inteluck’s Tracking Platform to Bacolod by holding an a product launching event that’s organized in Business Inn’s conference space.

We invited several truckers and business owners to attend and listen to our presentation about the product. Rex Carton, our speaker was able to expound on how everyone can use the product for their advantage — noting Inteluck’s dedication of creating a solution to trucking and logistic problems that entrepreneurs face on their daily operations.

The event ran for almost 2 hours with refreshments given to everyone. Give aways and pamphlets were also given to the attendees. The guests were interested in availing the service and they were all hopeful that it could solve the problems that they are facing right now.


50th Dinagyang Festival Sponsorship

888 Royal Construction and Inteluck Corporation

888 Royal Construction in partnership with Inteluck Corporation supported one of the events in Dinagyang as a way of taking part in the famous festival in the Philippines. Viva Music Festival, an event that’s organized by Fuse Productions, brought different bands like Chicosci and other national music artists to perform at Iloilo Business Park during the 2-day highlight of the festival.

Watch the video below to see the highlights of our participation.

Photobooth and Product Display

Along with big BPO and Telecommunication companies like Startek, Reed Elsevier, Transcom and SMART, 888 RCSS together with Inteluck set up a booth — offering a free photoshoot for the crowd while presenting our product to interested individuals.

Here are some of the pictures that we’ve taken during the event.

You can check the rest of the pictures on our Facebook page: 888 Royal Construction


Inteluck Iloilo Product Launching

Product Launching at Sea Garden Resort

Inteluck Iloilo launches its ultimate product, the Tracking Platform, inviting several individuals who are in the business venture that could benefit from the product. Other attendees are multiple car owners enthusiastic with land vehicles who can make use of the platform for safety and security purposes.

Rex Carton, the master of the ceremony, presented the product and conveyed the information to the guests about the capability, significance, and opportunities that the product holds. After a successful even, 888 Royal Construction is planning to make additional efforts and events to make Inteluck known to the Western Visayas Market.

What is Inteluck Tracking Platform Version 2?

While Inteluck Tracking platform is supposed to be a tracking software with its customized devices, it is much more than that. It is a concept manufactured for the sole purpose of being a solution to problems that daily logistic and transportation companies face. Originally for trucking industries, Inteluck Tracking platform has become an out-of-the-box tool that can now cater to different goals. 888 Royal Construction now offer its services to truck owners, bus companies, taxi operators or even individuals who owns several vehicles that are used by different members of their family.

Besides vehicle location, its main features are speed coding to know if the driver has been following speed limit within the area or speed limit that has been set by the user of the platform. A live traffic status so that headquarters can advice drivers where to go. The geofence and proximity features are fir clients, so they would know if their package is within their area, it can also alert the users if the vehicle has left the region — very useful to avoid successful vehicle theft. A real-time video stream is available for additional purchase in order to observe the happenings in the vehicle — this has been used to capture package theft. A 2 way communication feature with a wider range that cannot be turned off. Lastly, the fuel consumption monitoring and report to avoid fuel theft — this is also significant in observing if you have a fuel leakage or analyzing data to further better your decisions when it comes to vehicle acquisition.

The platform also makes it easier to monitor all your vehicles with their dashboard, where you can see all your vehicles’ location and status. It also gives you detailed graph reports of your driver’s behavior and fuel consumption. Inteluck is developing this software to make it an overall headquarters in monitoring vehicles with different kinds of information that can completely increase operation output.

888 Royal Construction believes that the product can bring in safety, security, and an opportunity to grow businesses around Western Visayas. Inteluck, on the other hand, promises their clients that constant development of the platform and client support will be provided by the company.


Mr. Dinagyang 2017 Sponsorship

Advocates of Wellness and Active Lifestyle

As part of our contribution to the famous festival of Iloilo City, 888 Royal Construction is one of the sponsors of Mr. Dinagyang — an annual body building competition.

As we support the advocacy to a more healthy and active lifestyle, 888 Royal Construction is more than willing to finance events such as this.

Native of Nigeria Spencer Umah bursts into tears as Lanz Mayordomo, 888 Royal Construction Head of Finance drape the medal around his neck symbolizing his win as an overall champion of Mr. Dinagyang 2018.

Last Year’s Competion

888 Royal Construction was also a major sponsor for the competition last year: Mr. Dinagyang 2017.