Device Installation

Inteluck’s Founder and CEO Kevin Zhang, along with his technicians, were able to fly to Iloilo to introduce the capabilities of Intelucks Tracking Platform. Along with their product presentation comes the seminar for our technicians where they will be tutored on installing the devices on each kind of vehicle. The tracking platform is essentially compatible to all kinds of land vehicles but due to the different sizes and structure of each, the procedure differs.

Inteluck staff are teaching our technicians about GPS installation

From motorcycles to heavy equipment and trucks, Inteluck Corporation were able to tutor each of our technicians completely in order to decrease the chances of failure and ensure uninterrupted tracking of each vehicles. Everyone was encouraged to ask questions about the procedure and the product itself.

We invited well known truck owners, taxi operators, bus companies and even vehicle owners to showcase the power of the device hand-in-hand with the software. A display of performance was shown to everyone about how fast can the device be activated and how long will it last. It was also disclosed on how to hide the device for added security in case of theft.

Product Presentation

The event ended in Richmond Hotel Iloilo with a presentation to entrepreneurs. Problems in the transportation and logistic sector are presented by Mr. Zhang and comes the promise of Inteluck’s software solution to fix them. Some of these problems are very evident in the trucking industry this is noted by Inteluck because is operated by the same corporation and they’ve found that these problems can cause more than buying a software subscription that can improve security and over-all surveillance.

The presentation were accompanied with lunch and snacks. An open forum was also part of the program to help the invited guests and technicians understand further on how the software works.

888 Royal Construction is hopeful that this partnership will last and soon expand not just in Western Visayas but the whole Visayas region.