Logistics and Construction

A big part of construction is moving materials and equipment from one place to another. Trucking and logistics are contractors’ partners if they want their projects on schedule and done before the due date. However, it is not only construction that faces problems in their everyday operations. Logistic companies are also dealing with their challenges from late deliveries to vehicle theft. This is where Inteluck Corporation comes in.

Inteluck Tracking System

While Inteluck itself have its line of trucking operations (Trucking.Ph) its main goal is to provide Third Party Logistics (3PL) Services to Enterprises across the South East Asia. Their main product is the Inteluck Tracking System that garnered a lot of trust, providing almost 400 companies in the Philippines; among them are big ones like Jollibee, DHL, 2Go Group Inc., Isuzu, BPI, National Bookstore and many more. They also operate and provide services to 6 countries in South East Asia.

Inteluck Tracking System is a product that took the advantage of the rapid technological advancements. It does not only feature the real time location of several vehicles all at once but also their behavior, speed, route history, fuel consumption and it can even connect the driver to a headquarters by a 2 way voice communication and a real time video stream — more like a CCTV camera on-the-go.

Inteluck Visayas in Partnership with 888 Royal Construction

Now that Inteluck Corporation is stationed successfully in Luzon with a monopoly of software as a solution services for the logistic sector and is gaining security when it comes to client’s retention, it has yet to venture to the market in the Visayas region.

Through the effort of both CEO of the company, 888 Royal Construction partners with Inteluck Corporation to bring the prominent products to the companies and vehicle owners in Western Visayas.

Watch this video produced by our advertising department on the features of the Inteluck Tracking Platform: