The Owner of 888 Royal Construction

Aika Mayordomo, the owner of 888 Royal Construction is the Cream Magazine’s cover page and featured personality in the month of August and September. She was was dubbed as “Not your Average Millennial” for being able to build a successful business at the age of 24.

Most women at such a young age, when given the opportunity to pursue a business, would go for the lifestyle industry. Miss Mayordomo is an exception. The pretty and brainy businesswoman, a graduate of Food Technology from the University of the Philippines Visayas is the proprietress of 888 Royal Construction, an unusual field for ladies to venture to.

The magazine focuses on her lifestyle and endeavors leading to why she chose to invest in the business of construction. She was also interviewed on her struggles as a woman in the said industry since it is mostly dominated by men which she perceives as an advantage for her. Her response about the issue of gender discrimination when it comes to the workplace is a vital lesson to empowering oneself. 

“I live with the saying: It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you if you allow it. The lesson I’ve learned (in the business) is that a woman’s perception of sexes and her behavior towards business can actually be the reason for her greatest success or downfall. The moment we focus our energies and efforts to paying attention to statuses that create discrimination rather than the business we should be developing and our purpose of being entrepreneurs, we become the instrument that destroy’s equal opportunities in the business” 

– Aika Mayordomo, Cream Magazine (August – September 2017 Issue) 

You can purchase the Cream Magazine in magazine stalls in Robinsons Iloilo City for more good reads about Aika Mayordomo and her inspiring story as an entrepreneur. The copy of magazine can also be found in cafes, parlors, and other lifestyle shops in Iloilo.

888 Royal Construction: Innovative, Excellent and Competitive 

888 Royal Construction is created with the purpose of contributing to the Philippine construction industry. Our mission is to support contractors of both private and government sectors by supplying them quality but affordable materials through flexible payments. We aim to help the local government by being an instrument in improving local infrastructures. Our Vision goes way beyond our calling. We aim to become the leading construction company that is known for its first class quality services and supplies. A company that is renowned for completing projects that lasts for a lifetime. 

While our business is the main endeavor of the company, 888 Royal Construction also supports the community by donating to events and advocacies that improve the life of every Filipino. We supported various programs that caters to health, lifestyle and technology. 

The center of all our values is client satisfaction. It becomes our company’s significance and purpose. We aim to give the quality service our clients deserve by constantly increasing our value as a player in the industry

How can a person call a city prosperous? Its scenic avenues, beautiful bridges, and magnificent skyscrapers; these are the initial grounds for the typical tourist and the masses. On the other hand, countries and their cities are celebrated for their cultures but they are more famous for their landmarks. Paris got the Eiffel Tower, New York has the Statue of Liberty, and Sydney got their Opera House – and we owe all the splendor of these infrastructures to the construction industry.

Construction is an important sector that greatly contributes in the economic growth of any nation. The industry helps develop infrastructure related to health, transport, tourism, as well as the education sector. We build hospitals, schools, offices and both commercial and residential buildings. This is the reason why I strive to make myself a key player in the business.

These past six years, Iloilo City started to enter a period of constant progress and infrastructures have risen up throughout the city giving thousands of jobs and new places for Ilonggos to spend their time with their families and friends. I realized that investing my time and effort in the construction industry can help a lot to the economy of Iloilo. I wish to bring innovative ideas that could revolutionize and improve the industry.

But of course, my advocacy is not only limited to the city but those on the outskirts of the region as well. As a supplier of construction materials, my aim is to provide small-time distributors in far-flung areas. I believe that through them I could reach every individual and offer the quality and affordable construction materials that every Filipino deserves. 

– Aika Mayordomo, Cream Magazine (August – September 2017 Issue)