Boracay’s Rehabilitation Project

Boracay is arguably the BEST holiday island for tourists not only during summer but the whole year in the Philippines. It might be called the queen of all beaches due to its large contribution to the tourism industry of the country. While the island is a beauty by its own grandeur, long periods of excessive exploitation have made the island polluted according to the government after president Duterte have managed to visit the Island.

The president was outraged for all the environmental violations to which he called the island as a “cesspool”. He then made a decree closing boracay for the clean up. While experts have said that waste management and poor drainage system is a big problem, the government opted for an over all clean up of the beach, construction of better roads, and stricter environmental laws. 

888 Royal Construction

888 Royal Construction along with its partners were able to win the bid to rebuild damaged main roads nearest to the beach and hotels. Along with it comes installing a better sewer system and brick pathways that would create separate the pedestrians from vehicles. While the place is already on its limit and widening the road is already impossible, 888 Royal Construction find ways to make the construction happen. In a way, this project becomes our contribution to the efforts to rehabilitate the island. 

While Boracay Island was officially opened earlier than expected, 888 Royal Construction hastens to finish the project without sacrificing the quality of the output.