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We Build The World Vertically

In the building market, 888 Royal Construction specializes in constructing streets, office buildings; warehouses; hotels; housing projects, manufacturing infrastructure, retail and special-use facilities plus interior construction with extensive tenant improvements. Its capabilities include general construction, construction management, design-build-assist and turn-key project development. 888 Royal Construction also provides fast, accurate pre-construction project management services. During the past 15 years, 888 Royal Construction has performed construction services for more than 2.500 vertical construction projects, totaling PHP xxxx-billion in revenue.


Our construction and engineering experience in the industry allows us to provide proven EPC capabilities for projects. We fully integrate the constructability into our estimating, pre-planning, detailed design and project execution to ensure clients and Partners receive the most cost-effective, high-quality service on their projects within budget.


The Philippine government as the military require facilities that meet their special function and security needs. 888 Royal Construction has delivered facilities ranging from barracks for service personnel to warehouses and administrative buildings in which we also did provide Energy modeling that can lead to improved performance and cost efficiency within the facilities. Our team of building professionals is efficient and reliable, meeting demanding schedules with a pro-active approach we exceed our clients’ expectations. When needed, we have security personnel available for confidential projects.


With multiple notable projects in housing and hospitality to our credit, 888 Royal Construction understands the challenges our clients face in the business. The benefits of our precise tailored pre-construction, construction, post-construction services are:  

  • In-depth pre and post construction services
  • Thorough planning and review of the work
  • Prequalification of all subcontractors
  • Continuous links between the scope of the work and the budget
  • Risk-free construction environment

With 888 Royal Construction, clients and partners benefit from professionals who have built facilities of various types many times.