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Inteluck: Product Presentation and Device Installation

Device Installation

Inteluck’s Founder and CEO Kevin Zhang, along with his technicians, were able to fly to Iloilo to introduce the capabilities of Intelucks Tracking Platform. Along with their product presentation comes the seminar for our technicians where they will be tutored on installing the devices on each kind of vehicle. The tracking platform is essentially compatible to all kinds of land vehicles but due to the different sizes and structure of each, the procedure differs.

Inteluck staff are teaching our technicians about GPS installation

From motorcycles to heavy equipment and trucks, Inteluck Corporation were able to tutor each of our technicians completely in order to decrease the chances of failure and ensure uninterrupted tracking of each vehicles. Everyone was encouraged to ask questions about the procedure and the product itself.

We invited well known truck owners, taxi operators, bus companies and even vehicle owners to showcase the power of the device hand-in-hand with the software. A display of performance was shown to everyone about how fast can the device be activated and how long will it last. It was also disclosed on how to hide the device for added security in case of theft.

Product Presentation

The event ended in Richmond Hotel Iloilo with a presentation to entrepreneurs. Problems in the transportation and logistic sector are presented by Mr. Zhang and comes the promise of Inteluck’s software solution to fix them. Some of these problems are very evident in the trucking industry this is noted by Inteluck because is operated by the same corporation and they’ve found that these problems can cause more than buying a software subscription that can improve security and over-all surveillance.

The presentation were accompanied with lunch and snacks. An open forum was also part of the program to help the invited guests and technicians understand further on how the software works.

888 Royal Construction is hopeful that this partnership will last and soon expand not just in Western Visayas but the whole Visayas region.


2017 Year Ender Party

It’s that time again where trees are decorated and people give gifts as a way of thanking each other — the time to be merry and grateful for a bountiful year of 2017.

888 Royal Construction Iloilo Office held a small celebration for the company’s accomplishments this year at Grand Xing Hotel. The Company was able to assemble a new administrative office in the city of Iloilo, providing construction supplies and services to the projects not just in the city but the whole Panay island as well.


Inteluck Partners with 888 Royal Construction

Logistics and Construction

A big part of construction is moving materials and equipment from one place to another. Trucking and logistics are contractors’ partners if they want their projects on schedule and done before the due date. However, it is not only construction that faces problems in their everyday operations. Logistic companies are also dealing with their challenges from late deliveries to vehicle theft. This is where Inteluck Corporation comes in.

Inteluck Tracking System

While Inteluck itself have its line of trucking operations (Trucking.Ph) its main goal is to provide Third Party Logistics (3PL) Services to Enterprises across the South East Asia. Their main product is the Inteluck Tracking System that garnered a lot of trust, providing almost 400 companies in the Philippines; among them are big ones like Jollibee, DHL, 2Go Group Inc., Isuzu, BPI, National Bookstore and many more. They also operate and provide services to 6 countries in South East Asia.

Inteluck Tracking System is a product that took the advantage of the rapid technological advancements. It does not only feature the real time location of several vehicles all at once but also their behavior, speed, route history, fuel consumption and it can even connect the driver to a headquarters by a 2 way voice communication and a real time video stream — more like a CCTV camera on-the-go.

Inteluck Visayas in Partnership with 888 Royal Construction

Now that Inteluck Corporation is stationed successfully in Luzon with a monopoly of software as a solution services for the logistic sector and is gaining security when it comes to client’s retention, it has yet to venture to the market in the Visayas region.

Through the effort of both CEO of the company, 888 Royal Construction partners with Inteluck Corporation to bring the prominent products to the companies and vehicle owners in Western Visayas.

Watch this video produced by our advertising department on the features of the Inteluck Tracking Platform:

While the construction industry is believed to be a serious and consequential endeavor, 888 Royal Construction got a hold of time to accept the dance challenge that’s going viral around the globe. The company wanted to find innovative and fun ways of connecting the business to the public as a part of its marketing strategy. According to its staff, even if our services are mostly offered to wholesale clients, the company still want to be involved in the society besides the construction industry. 

The Baby Shark Dance is originally a song for kids that was made by Pinkfong, a company that develops animated content to provide fun-learning experiences to children.  Pinkfong’s Baby Shark obtained 800 million global viewers but the success is then followed by different Southeast Asian celebrities dancing to the song. Now the challenge is daring anyone around the globe to dance to its rhythms and post it into any social media. 

Below is the full video of the Baby Shark Dance version of 888 Royal Construction that was posted on their Facebook Page


Baby Shark Dance Challenge


Featured in Iloilo’s Cream Magazine

The Owner of 888 Royal Construction

Aika Mayordomo, the owner of 888 Royal Construction is the Cream Magazine’s cover page and featured personality in the month of August and September. She was was dubbed as “Not your Average Millennial” for being able to build a successful business at the age of 24.  Most women at such a young age, when given the opportunity to pursue a business, would go for the lifestyle industry. Miss Mayordomo is an exception. The pretty and brainy businesswoman, a graduate of Food Technology from the University of the Philippines Visayas is the proprietress of 888 Royal Construction, an unusual field for ladies to venture to. 

The magazine focuses on her lifestyle and endeavors leading to why she chose to invest in the business of construction. She was also interviewed on her struggles as a woman in the said industry since it is mostly dominated by men which she perceives as an advantage for her. Her response about the issue of gender discrimination when it comes to the workplace is a vital lesson to empowering oneself. 


“I live with the saying: It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you if you allow it. The lesson I’ve learned (in the business) is that a woman’s perception of sexes and her behavior towards business can actually be the reason for her greatest success or downfall. The moment we focus our energies and efforts to paying attention to statuses that create discrimination rather than the business we should be developing and our purpose of being entrepreneurs, we become the instrument that destroy’s equal opportunities in the business” 

You can purchase the Cream Magazine in magazine stalls in Robinsons Iloilo City for more good reads about Aika Mayordomo and her inspiring story as an entrepreneur. The copy of magazine can also be found in cafes, parlors, and other lifestyle shops in Iloilo.

888 Royal Construction: Innovative, Excellent and Competitive 

888 Royal Construction is created with the purpose of contributing to the Philippine construction industry. Our mission is to support contractors of both private and government sectors by supplying them quality but affordable materials through flexible payments. We aim to help the local government by being an instrument in improving local infrastructures. Our Vision goes way beyond our calling. We aim to become the leading construction company that is known for its first class quality services and supplies. A company that is renowned for completing projects that lasts for a lifetime. 

While our business is the main endeavor of the company, 888 Royal Construction also supports the community by donating to events and advocacies that improve the life of every Filipino. We supported various programs that caters to health, lifestyle and technology. 

The center of all our values is client satisfaction. It becomes our company’s significance and purpose. We aim to give the quality service our clients deserve by constantly increasing our value as a player in the industry. 


How can a person call a city prosperous? Its scenic avenues, beautiful bridges, and magnificent skyscrapers; these are the initial grounds for the typical tourist and the masses. On the other hand, countries and their cities are celebrated for their cultures but they are more famous for their landmarks. Paris got the Eiffel Tower, New York has the Statue of Liberty, and Sydney got their Opera House – and we owe all the splendor of these infrastructures to the construction industry.

Construction is an important sector that greatly contributes in the economic growth of any nation. The industry helps develop infrastructure related to health, transport, tourism, as well as the education sector. We build hospitals, schools, offices and both commercial and residential buildings. This is the reason why I strive to make myself a key player in the business.

These past six years, Iloilo City started to enter a period of constant progress and infrastructures have risen up throughout the city giving thousands of jobs and new places for Ilonggos to spend their time with their families and friends. I realized that investing my time and effort in the construction industry can help a lot to the economy of Iloilo. I wish to bring innovative ideas that could revolutionize and improve the industry.

But of course, my advocacy is not only limited to the city but those on the outskirts of the region as well. As a supplier of construction materials, my aim is to provide small-time distributors in far-flung areas. I believe that through them I could reach every individual and offer the quality and affordable construction materials that every Filipino deserves. – Aika Mayordomo, Cream Magazine (August – September Issue) 


We are expanding in Iloilo City!

888 Royal Construction Supply and Services in Iloilo

New Buildings in Iloilo: Iloilo Convention Center, Metro Iloilo Hospital etc.

After years in service, we have decided to expand in the City of Love. Iloilo City has been in a state of constant progress — and with progress comes construction of establishments. Wonderful infrastructures are now standing in the city and more are still to come. Hospitals, malls and office buildings are now currently under construction to pursue the requirements and requests of the rising economy of the city. Roads are being repaired and new ways of transportation are being carefully examined to ease the traffic caused by increased public and private vehicle acquisition




Our satellite office is located in La Fontana Building, Delgado St., Mabolo-Delgado, Iloilo City Proper. It was inaugurated and blessed on the 8th of August, 2017 with Father Solithur Panganiban. The purpose of this office is to cater to our loyal customers in Iloilo and to answer the inquiries of new clients who are interested in the construction industry. This is also to reinforce our customer service in the most highly urbanized city in the region. 888 Royal Construction is ready to support the local government and private institutions in its endeavors of increasing the local economy by providing businesses with high quality infrastructures.

Construction Industry

Earthquakes and Construction

Safety, Earthquakes, and Construction

According to the United States Geological Survey(USGS), there are several million earthquakes happen every year around the globe. Most of them are undetectable and about 500,000 are detectable but only 100,000 of these are felt by us. However, what concerns us the most is the number of earthquakes that can cause damage and that’s roughly a hundred in a year.

Apparently, our species have been in the world for more than 200,000 years and we’ve come a long way in our attempt in conquering nature. Nature is both a preserver and a destroyer; most of our development is actually focused on trying to harness its power and use it to remove nature’s negative attribute.

Earthquakes and the construction industry is no doubt connected to each other. The concept of an earthquake is always visualized with buildings crumbling down, ceilings falling off, and roads cracking. Seeing such images makes us realize and hope at the same time that we had better infrastructures and there are several methods that could reinforce a structure other than bars and concretes.

Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake engineering is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that designs and analyzes structures but specifically focused on functions that are earthquake related. Its main purpose is concerned with protecting society, natural environment and man-made environment from the destructive force of an earthquake. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to invent buildings that are completely invulnerable but structures that can withstand the seismic effects while sustaining minimal or acceptable amount of damage. Take note, a properly engineered structure doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely strong or expensive.


Here are three processes or methods on how the construction industry improves modern buildings’ resilience on earthquakes.

1. Seismic Design

CCTV Building, Beijing, China

Above: Aside from exterior forces – it can resist an earthquake of up to 8 — the CCTV Building in Beijing has a cantilevered shape that puts enormous pressure on the building from gravity and other lateral forces.

This is probably the most common requirement before a construction entity can raise a building in a certain place. The design is based on a sanctioned engineering principles and procedures meant to strengthen buildings against earthquakes. Seismic designs are only based on up-to-date knowledge and experiments of trial and error so it can never guarantee a hundred percent fortification against collapse or serious damage. They are are solely based on understanding the imaginable course of failure during such disasters, therefore, the main purpose of this method is to minimize casualties or loss of life.




2. Tuned Mass Dampers

Construction Details of Taipei 101

Taipei 101 Earthquake Engineering

Obviously, the higher the building the complex its structure becomes and the greater risk for safety. For skyscrapers, it’s not only earthquakes that they have to think about but also typhoons and strong winds. One of the famous skyscrapers that has this feature of controlling seismic vibrations is Tapei 101, formerly known as Taipei World Financial Center.

The tall building stands on the Asia-pacific where typhoons and tremors are common. The tuned mass damper in this building is a pendulum weighing approximately 600 metric tons is suspended at the top through several floors and sways to decrease movements that are caused by earthquakes.


3. Base Isolation

This kind of method is founded on the idea that the whole base of the building should not be directly constructed on the ground. Isolating the base through different techniques aims to prevent the kinetic energy of the earthquake to the building. The principle of separating the structure from the ground is to enable it to move somewhat independently and that can minimize the movement during earthquakes. However, the degree to how massive and minimal the energy from the ground that’s going to be transferred to the building depends on the technology that’s used.





Supporting Local Health Programs

43rd Nutrition Month Culminating Activity

888 Royal Construction supported the advocacy of the local government of Iloilo City in helping malnourished kids by offering their family free sustenance and giving them a fun culminating activity. Among the people who attended are politicians and business owners who have been supporting the movement. Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog was present and gave a speech about the purpose of the event. Among other companies, we sponsored the event with good will to the children.