Inteluck Iloilo Product Launching

Product Launching at Sea Garden Resort

Inteluck Iloilo launches its ultimate product, the Tracking Platform, inviting several individuals who are in the business venture that could benefit from the product. Other attendees are multiple car owners enthusiastic with land vehicles who can make use of the platform for safety and security purposes.

Rex Carton, the master of the ceremony, presented the product and conveyed the information to the guests about the capability, significance, and opportunities that the product holds. After a successful even, 888 Royal Construction is planning to make additional efforts and events to make Inteluck known to the Western Visayas Market.

What is Inteluck Tracking Platform Version 2?

While Inteluck Tracking platform is supposed to be a tracking software with its customized devices, it is much more than that. It is a concept manufactured for the sole purpose of being a solution to problems that daily logistic and transportation companies face. Originally for trucking industries, Inteluck Tracking platform has become an out-of-the-box tool that can now cater to different goals. 888 Royal Construction now offer its services to truck owners, bus companies, taxi operators or even individuals who owns several vehicles that are used by different members of their family.

Besides vehicle location, its main features are speed coding to know if the driver has been following speed limit within the area or speed limit that has been set by the user of the platform. A live traffic status so that headquarters can advice drivers where to go. The geofence and proximity features are fir clients, so they would know if their package is within their area, it can also alert the users if the vehicle has left the region — very useful to avoid successful vehicle theft. A real-time video stream is available for additional purchase in order to observe the happenings in the vehicle — this has been used to capture package theft. A 2 way communication feature with a wider range that cannot be turned off. Lastly, the fuel consumption monitoring and report to avoid fuel theft — this is also significant in observing if you have a fuel leakage or analyzing data to further better your decisions when it comes to vehicle acquisition.

The platform also makes it easier to monitor all your vehicles with their dashboard, where you can see all your vehicles’ location and status. It also gives you detailed graph reports of your driver’s behavior and fuel consumption. Inteluck is developing this software to make it an overall headquarters in monitoring vehicles with different kinds of information that can completely increase operation output.

888 Royal Construction believes that the product can bring in safety, security, and an opportunity to grow businesses around Western Visayas. Inteluck, on the other hand, promises their clients that constant development of the platform and client support will be provided by the company.