We are expanding in Iloilo City!

888 Royal Construction Supply and Services in Iloilo

New Buildings in Iloilo: Iloilo Convention Center, Metro Iloilo Hospital etc.

After years in service, we have decided to expand in the City of Love. Iloilo City has been in a state of constant progress — and with progress comes construction of establishments. Wonderful infrastructures are now standing in the city and more are still to come. Hospitals, malls and office buildings are now currently under construction to pursue the requirements and requests of the rising economy of the city. Roads are being repaired and new ways of transportation are being carefully examined to ease the traffic caused by increased public and private vehicle acquisition




Our satellite office is located in La Fontana Building, Delgado St., Mabolo-Delgado, Iloilo City Proper. It was inaugurated and blessed on the 8th of August, 2017 with Father Solithur Panganiban. The purpose of this office is to cater to our loyal customers in Iloilo and to answer the inquiries of new clients who are interested in the construction industry. This is also to reinforce our customer service in the most highly urbanized city in the region. 888 Royal Construction is ready to support the local government and private institutions in its endeavors of increasing the local economy by providing businesses with high quality infrastructures.